Use tablets and computers to display decision aids

The DCIDA makes it easy to display decision aids on any tablet or computer without programming knowledge.

Most decision aids are paper-based but with tablets becoming cheaper to use there are great advantages to their use including:

  • Individualized information – for example you can ask questions about the patients characteristics, and then the decision aid will describe age and sex adjusted risks
  • Interactive display – patients can choose which information they want to view in further detail
  • Continuous – evidence changes over time, as do patients experiences. Log-in and be updated when something changes, or you want to revisit your decision.
  • Multimedia – videos and other graphics can be easily integrated

The DCIDA is being developed so anybody can easily create a decision aid:

  • Without technical programming – the editor is simple to use and is WYSIWYG
  • Customizable – have it look how you want with the questions and information you want
  • Adaptable – it will work on nearly every tablet, no matter the size or make, or use it on the web
  • Updatable – new study changed the evidence based? easily update your decision aid